~Guardian Angel Shepherds~




Jordanne with her first litter, Nov 2010. Bravo sire.

Legend and Nadia  puppy 5 weeks old, below

Lyra's 2011 litter with Bravo. Below.

Bravo & Jordanne long coat puppies at 4 weeks old. Below.


Legend and Illusion's , 3 little stinkers!  This is why I don't keep collars on them, they only wear ribbons for pic ID. 5 weeks. Below.

Lyra and Bravo baby at 3 weeks.


Lyra and Bravo babies 7 weeks old!

Bravo sired long coat puppy at 5 weeks , sleeping, below.



Caia and Mickey.

Jordanne, 3 yrs old, Winter 2011. Below

Bravo, 2.5 yrs old. Black & red long coat male.

My handsome Black Prince, Achilles, aka, BOOGER BEAR! 4 yrs old.

Achilles at 4 yrs old below.)

Saint, a sable plush coat male, from Bravo & Caia July 4 2010 litter.  Shown here at 6 months old to the day.  He is huge and heavy bones with an awesome personality. Below.


Mother and son!  Caia ( lighter sable mom) and Saint ( darker sable male). Saint is 6 mos, Caia is 4. Below.

Inside the fence, is left, Nadia ( long coat) with Sugar Bear ( long coat).  Outside fence is Rayna plowing snow with her face, chased by Saint. 2011. Below.

Some of the Pack in the snow, 1/2011, Below.

Old Man, Houston 8 yrs old, WGSD male, foreground.  Sugar Bear on the fence. Below.


Winter 2011. February snow.


Achilles ( black ) Saint ( sable background) Sugar Bear to the right foreground.Below.

 Wish ( L)  Saint ( sable middle ) and Houston Right, below.

Saint at 7 months. Below.


Bosco, smiling for the camera, with Sugar Bear.  Below.

Caia , at 4 yrs old, with her fav toy! Below.

Beautiful Rayna!! Saint in the back with Sugar Bears butt! Below.

Saint ( L) and Sugar Bear ( R) at 7 months old, Bravo x Caia litter of July 4 . 2010


Nadia below.

One of Legend and Laceys female pups at 5 wks old.

The white blanket on the sofa makes HOPE look like she has wings!

One of Bravo and Nadia's pups at 6 wks old.

Young Georgie Girl in background and young Autumn with s some of Lacey and Nadias pups summer 2011.

One of Bravo x Nadia puppies at 6 weeks old, Long coat.

Lyra w her babies in 2011.

THE MAN!!  Achilles summer 2011. below.

A Bravo x Nadia pup at 6 weeks old, long coat. below.

Adia, a Bravo x Caia daughter at about 3.5 mos old.

Achilles, (male) playing Mr Mom! He is a great babysitter.

Jordanne and daughter Autumn Breeze. winter 2010.

Blitzen x Bliss puppies looking for some trouble!

Legend x Lacey pups at 5 weeks old.

Zulu. a Maverick x Illusion daughter at 1 yr old. below.

Annie Caboose at 11 yrs old. winter 2011. below.

Lacey w her 2 huge Legend puppies at 7 wks old. Below.

Jordanne w daughter Autumn , winter 2011. below.

Blitzen x Bliss puppy at 9 weeks old. Below.

A Bravo x Jordanne puppy 6 wks old below.

Puppies only a couple days old! Below.

Sugar Brar at 6 mos old, behind fence. Houston in front. below.

Georgie Girl, left 10 mos  and Autumn , right at about 14 mos..

Puppy!!  Approx 3 wks old.

Buddies, left is a Legend x Nadia female about 7 wks and right is a Bravo x Lacey female, about 7 wks old.

Bravo x Lacey female at about 6 wks old. below.






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