~Guardian Angel Shepherds~


Pictures from the year 2013.

Isa at a year old. Beautiful Black & silver.


Blitzen, one of our white studs. shown here at 6.

Blitzen x Isa puppy at 4.5 weeks old. Below.

Blitzen when he was about 18 mos. He is the son of TUMBLESDOWN SUPER SONIC, famous WGSD show line dog.

Saint is one of those dogs who I just cannot get a good pic of... he was about 22 mos here. Bigger and darker now. Sables do a lot of color changes.

Crimson a SAINT x LEXI daughter at 7 weeks old. Below

Saint x Lexi daughter, Crimson,  at about 8mos.

Saint x Lacey daughters below, one sable the other is Valen as a pup, she is a black & silver cream saddleback.




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