~Guardian Angel Shepherds~


Achilles at 4 yrs old. Still a handsome buddy bear!


Achilles, my Prince.... he is one of those, once-in-a-lifetime dogs! My buddy bear! SHOWN AT 5 YRS OLD.


Here is my buddy bear at 1.5 yrs old. Achilles is PennHip scored and elbows normal. He is a fabulous dog!

Achilles should have been a mommie dog, he LOVES babies and you can trust him 100% with then at any time.


Achilles is a happy, playful guy!

Next to puppy sitting, Achilles loves his pool!!

He will actuall dose off in his pool.

Here he is with one of the puppies, they are not even his...... he just loves babies!!


Achilles at World's End State Park with the family. He was 2 yrs old in the Park pics .


Again he loves water. Here he is at World's End.



3 yrs old

3 yrs old

Achilles at 3 yrs





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